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Typically, our destination diary episodes are Heather and I riffing on a place that we’ve traveled to, but every so often I meet someone who knows a place so well, I just have to have them come on and talk about it. And, even though Bulgaria is very high on my list, I didn’t want to have to wait a year or so to put out an episode on it because I don’t want other people to wait that long to go.

Joining me today is someone who has been kind enough to bring me beers from Cincinnati and bring Whit a stuffed Hey Hey doll from Moana, who has taught me everything (literally, everything) I know about Bulgaria, who is an integral part of our Location Indie team, and who can spur wanderlust in me about as quick as any person I’ve ever met, Mitko Karshovski from ThatRemoteLife.com and host of the That Remote Show podcast.


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Are you an over packer? Do you think there is no way that you can travel with only a carry on? Do you have no idea what you should be packing in the first place?

Today, we are diving into our packing list and even giving you our checklist so that you can pack for anywhere in the world only using your carry-on luggage. We break down every single item we pack (regardless of how long the trip is) in the following categories; women's, men's, electronics/necessities, and infant/kids stuff and we are hoping that you will find it useful for your next trip. You can signup to get the full packing list at the brand new Extra Pack Of Peanuts website!


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Do you allow fear to dictate your choices? Are you too scared to take the first step?

My dear friend, Ruth Soukup, author of Living Well, Spending Less & Do It Scared, creator of the Elite Blogging Academy, & host of the Do It Scared podcast, is joining me today to discuss fear, struggles, and building your dream lifestyle. Courage isn't an absence of fear but the drive to continue moving forward despite the fear & that works in life and entrepreneurship and Ruth is the guru of it all.

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After visiting Croatia three times over the last five years, Trav and Heather continue to fall more and more in love with this wonderful country.  In today's episode, they'll tell you where you can find the best seafood they've ever eaten, how to make sure you are able to get in to Plitvice Lakes, and what beach has both urban exploring and crystal clear waters - plus tons more!

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