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Are you a proud leaf peeper? Do relish every moment of pumpkin spice season? Does the change in temperatures get you giddy?

If so, then you are going to want to take notes as we go through our lists on today's episode. We have done the best fall destinations a couple of times in the past so this year we are changing it up and sticking only to US destinations. Plus we are choosing from places we have been and places that we have always wanted to go to during this season so this was an extra fun podcast to record.  

This podcast can best be absorbed with a cup of hot coffee or tea, a snuggly blanket, and your favorite comfy chair or sofa...Enjoy!

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Do you fear failure or success, or maybe both? Maybe you feel stuck or unworthy…. tune in today as Jason and Trav touch on the fear of success. You’ll get 3 actionable items to help you create an awareness of these fears and learn how to conquer them.

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Are you a digital nomad or an aspiring one? Are you a blogger? Do you know who started it all? Joining me today is someone who has gotten arrested for smuggling a single banana, who ran a campaign for Apple that was so successful their lawyers had to shut it down, and who wrote, quite possibly, the world’s very first blog post and is the world’s very first digital nomad, Rob Palmer from Go Freelance.com.

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One of the top stressors people have when becoming location independent are money, investments, and taxes abroad and the best way to structure everything. Well, joining me today is someone who has lived everywhere from Banff and the Canadian Arctic to Singapore and Dubai, who has traveled to almost 100 countries and who believes that just because you were born in one country doesn’t mean you have to keep your money and investments there, Mikkel Thorup from  The Expat Money Show.

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