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Joining me today is Lucas Peters, an award-winning writer and photographer, who has lived abroad in village on a mountain and then moved to one of the world’s most expensive cities, and who is pushing me (in a good way) to take Heather to Morocco more than anyone else on the planet - and who has literally written the book on that wonderful country, Moon Travel Guides: Morocco.

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Pilot Mark has been to all seven continents, became a qualified pilot at age 22, has flown over 2 million miles, which is the equivalent of 4 roundtrips to the moon, and is my guest on today's episode. He is the man behind the Flying and Travel website where he gives tips on flying, great destinations, and how to become a pilot. He has some amazing insights into different locations that you have to check out because they will give you wanderlust like nothing else.

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Each year there are always a handful of days that stand out.

Some of those perfect travel days that you couldn't have planned in a million years, but that really stick with you, months later.

Today, Heather and I go through our top 16 experiences of 2018 spanning the globe from Budapest to British Columbia to the warmth of sunny Florida and Mallorca.


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We love desserts, anything from ice cream to pastries, peppermint bark to doughnuts...it all tastes amazing.

Everyone love desserts, so we know you're not skipping this episode!

Today Heather and I go through our top 7 desserts (14 total plus 1b from Trav) from 2018, from hometown to widely available to tiny towns around the world, if it's delicious, it's on the list!

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