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2018 was a great year for beer!

Listen to hear our best Beer experiences of 2018, Trav has cheated by having 8 while Heather has 7! Including a few that happened during the Old Bess adventures.

Get the full show notes here

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We return with Part 4 of 7 in our Year in Review Series

Heather's favorite activities mean she's in charge today!

While she didn't drink a lot of wine in 2018, there are still a couple of awesome spots to mention, and there were quite a few coffee shops visited along the last 12 months!

Join us today as Heather shares her top 4 wine experiences and top 10 coffee shops of 2018

Find the Full Show Notes Here

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Part 3 of 7 in our Year in Review Series

If you know anything about us, it's that we love to eat. And boy did we eat a lot in 2018!

Today Heather and I are going to go through our top 10 meals of the year (each) for a total of 20 awesome places around the world that you should definitely check out if you're going to be in the neighborhood!

From Budapest and Vancouver to Philadelphia and Austin, we truly span the globe with today's episode!

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We return with Part 2 of 7 in our Year in Review Series

In this episode, we go into the Superlatives of our 2018 travel year. Best of, worst of, best value, and a host of other things.

We'll be covering flights, drives, accommodations, and some experiences, but food and drink have their own episodes coming later this month.

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Every year that we break down all our travel stats, best meals, best travel superlatives, best drinks, etc and we hear a ton of feedback from you all.

Apparently, these are some of your favorite episodes.

We'll be running a 7 part series (!!!) that covers our stats, the superlatives, best meals, best coffee/wine, best beer, best desserts, and best experiences in our year in review.

In this episode, we cover the nerdy statistics of 2018. We'll figure out about how many miles we traveled, how many different places we slept in, and how many new countries we visited plus much, much more!

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