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Oliver Gee, a former Australian journalist, can teach you fake french in 1:07 seconds, give you the most amazing insights into local life in Paris, and he just completed an 8-week, 2500 mile trip around France on a little red scooter, going 30 miles per hour (max) with his new wife on the back and somehow found the time to join us on today's episode. He is the man behind TheEarfulTower.com, The Earful Tower Podcast, and he makes tons of videos all highlighting the beauty and mysteries of Paris while constantly striving to discover more about his adopted hometown.

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Nate Hake is a recovering lawyer who after 5 years and $250,000 of debt, got fed up and decided to travel the world instead. He spent his first year fast traveling through 43 countries & 6 continents but has switched to digital nomad slow travel to allow him to work on his travel blog Travel Lemming and burgeoning software company. His love of the country of Georgia & being a sucker for emerging destinations has made us instant kindred spirits and this one of my favorite conversations. 


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Every year we like to make a list of our dream destinations for the upcoming year. Sometimes we get around to a couple of them, sometimes we don't and they live on to the following year's list, but either way, it's a great way to start off!

For the last few years, New Zealand has been on both of our lists and after canceled tickets (mistake fares that Air New Zealand canceled on us) we are so excited that it looks like it could be a go for 2019/2020! 

Heather and I go through our top 9 destinations (and some honorable mentions), including a couple of surprising destinations from us both!

Where will we go first?

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Zeona McIntyre went from a $12 an hour retail job while side-hustling by renting out her place on Airbnb to owning her own Airbnb property to now having an entire vacation property management company that she runs while still traveling around the world.

This is part two of this series and we get into the nitty-gritty of what works and what doesn't! We discuss the different platforms (positives & negatives), mistakes in listings, pricing, standing out in the crowd, dealing with non-positive reviews, and so much more. This episode is a must listen if you have ever played around with the idea of getting into the short-term vacation rental game.

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