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Mike Brcic, founder of Sacred Rides, talks about how he haphazardly started the world's #1 mountain bike tour company in the world, how they pick destinations, the hardest trip he's taken, and why ANYONE can, and should, go mountain biking!

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I've known Scott for years and never quite knew exactly what it was he does. Today I'm on a mission to find out. Join us today to learn more about starting a business abroad, how to go about running a marathon with no training, and to hear some great travel tips for Japan!

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To celebrate 4.5 years and 300 episodes (!!!), Trav and Heather decide to have a little fun and grill one another by putting each other on the hot seat and answering 15 travel questions apiece.

The person on the hot seat has no idea what questions will be asked and has to give the first answer that comes in to their head for questions ranging from "what's your favorite accommodation ever" to "when were you the most frustrated with me while traveling" and everything in between.


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Trav and Heather reveal exactly how much money frequent flyer miles saved them in 2017 (take a guess...you'll never get it!) - and Heather discusses why she thinks it's not the "real" number.

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Friends.  Family.  Food.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone is thankful for those things.  But what about the things we didn't expect to happen.

In this episode, Heather and Trav look back on 2017 and reveal the 11 most unexpected things that happened to them that they are thankful for.

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After scouring the globe, we reveal our 44 favorite gifts for travelers. From less than $4 to over $1,000, here are the best gifts for any budget and style.

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Inspired by our recent Travel Hacking Masterclass we wanted to go over some of the most common questions about Travel Hacking that we get here at Extra Pack of Peanuts.

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You used to be able to travel for free if you gave up your luggage space for courier packages. Turns out that while you can't travel for free, you can make back some of your flight costs with a company called Airmule!

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Katrina McGhee took a 20-month career break and came back to land 5 jobs in 5 weeks. Learn what she did on her trip, and how she managed to spin it to land a job almost right upon re-entry!

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Finding cheap flights can be hard if you don't know where to look. Here's a step by step system to see if you've found a good price for your flight.

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Slovenia quickly stole my heart and the #1 Gelato spot, in the whole world! Have a listen as Heather and I detail our time in Slovenia. Where to eat, drink, and visit on your next trip.

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For people who are better planners than us (everyone) it's time to start thinking of those winter destinations if you haven't already! Heather and I list our favorites, and our wishlists as we move into the season.

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In this special 3 part collaboration, Trav & Jason go over the most beautiful places in the world, according to them!  On Zero to Travel you'll find 20-11, here you'll find 10-1, and on the Location Indie podcast we're doing a Top 16 Places We Want To Visit as a bonus episode!

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Get a behind the scenes look at Travis and Heather's "posh" babymoon and learn how much planning they did for the trip (hint: not much), how much they spent (hint: more than not much), and how much compromising they did (hint: much)

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We've spent a lot of time in Portland since we recorded our Destination Diary, so it's time for an Update! Complete with a local!

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You don't hear much about people traveling in the fall, but it's a beautiful (and cheaper) time to travel to some destinations. Heather and I go through our top 6 picks in today's episode!

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Electronics, health and wellness, and all the other things that don't fit into our other packing lists!

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With a few less categories, here's our packing list for men! Carry-on only, as always!

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If you've ever wondered how you could travel with just a carry-on, Heather's here to show you the way! If she can do it, anyone can!

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Heather and I dove headfirst into the short-term rental property business. Today we share some of our rationale, how we pick our properties, and some tips to get you started!

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Today Heather and I share our favorite spots and experiences from San Diego, the land of sunshine and tacos.

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George Igoe flys the world in first class, only to live the economy lifestyle on the ground. We dive into his hilarious travel videos, his travel style, and his advice for saving money on the road.

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Brian Lofrumento joins me today to tell you why you don't need an idea to start a business, and what your most valuable resource is. This episode is part of our Behind The Paradise Pack series, you can check out the pack by going to www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/paradise

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Caz Makepeace of yTravelBlog joins me today to chat about how she turned her life around and created one of the biggest travel blogs on the internet. This episode is part of our Behind The Paradise Pack series, you can check out the pack by going to www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/paradise

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There's no better teacher than travel. Today Heather and I share 32 lessons we've learned over the past 5 years around the world.

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Derek Loudermilk from The Art of Adventure joins me today to talk about being Location Independent, and how his travels have changed with the addition of his newborn son to the family.

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Wait But Why is one of my favorite places on the internet and today Tim Urban joins me today to talk about his writing, his process, and his travels.

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Looking for somewhere to go this summer? Here are our top 12 suggestions!

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Every now and then we bring on someone who knows a lot more than us about a place. Welcome author Lily Ann Fouts to the podcast to share her vast knowledge on Ecuador!

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I went to send this episode to someone, and realized it didn't exist! So here you have our recommendations for Asheville, NC. We liked it so much we visited twice last year!

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Whitney Powell travels the world filming and producing adventure travel videos. She joins me today to chat about how she decided to take the leap to working for herself and talks about some of her favorite projects to date!

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Travel pushes your comfort zone, and today Nate Menninger from The Pathfinder joins me to talk about his experiences stretching his limits and relying on the kindness of strangers.

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If you've listened before, you'll remember me not being a big fan of London, but I've changed my tune quite a bit! Heather and I recount our favorite areas, foods, and things to do from our last three trips to London!

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A collaboration with Jason and my other podcast, Location Indie. This week our 10 crazy awesome travel dreams that we hope to make reality!!

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Sarah Tiedemann, author of Traveling with Baggage: A Guide for the Hesitant Hiker, has dealt with anxiety her whole life. Today she joins me to chat about her experiences traveling with anxiety.

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When you go on holiday, you do the things you like to do. Turns out Bill Ker (Doc) really enjoys working out, so he started a tour company to do just that.

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More than the food, the drinks, or the location, the best thing about Barcelona was the lifestyle. But the food and drinks were also awesome!

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A stint in Dublin and a 6 day roadtrip around southwestern Ireland was enough for us to fall in love! Here's where we stayed, what we ate, and our favorite things to do on the Emerald Isle!

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Lots of people think once you have one kid you can't travel, let alone 4 kids and a dog! Paul Kortman joins me today to share his family's experience taking on Mexico in an RV.

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We're a bit early this year, but the planning's got to start! Here's a list of our top 7 destinations (and of course, honorable mentions) for 2017! Where will we go first?

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Thinking over the best experiences from 2016 makes Heather and I very grateful. Join us as we reminisce over our top 18 experiences of last year.

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Meals are all well and good, but we all know the drinks and desserts are what REALLY have us coming back for more! Check out our favorites this year in our "mini" episode!

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Around here you know that traveling means finding some of the best food and drink out there whenever possible. Today we recount our top 22 meals of 2016. Let the salivating begin!

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Every year we like to look back at our travel year and crunch the numbers. How many miles did we travel? How many places did we sleep? And then, of course, we have to figure out the best, the worst, and the most ridiculous of several aspects of our travels!

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