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I recently returned from a trip to Israel and was blown away by how incredible it was. Today, guest favorite Napkins is back to interview me about my experiences in Israel, why I think it's the most fascinating country in the world and my unintentional digital sabbatical!

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Brian is biking Around America. Not across. The difference? About 9,000.00 miles. Tune in to listen to Brian as we run through the details of his trip, from planning, to the money he's raised for charity, to some of the awesome stats he's been keeping along the way.

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I recently had the good fortune to travel to Israel with Nir and Guy, the founders of Puzzle Israel. And had some of my favorite travel experiences. We chat about our trip and the creation of Puzzle Israel.

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Today Heather and I each countdown our top 10 travel destinations. Included are places that have been on our list for years. Others have only been on there for 2 weeks. What can I say? I'm easy to convince!

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We finally got around to it! Here is a Destination Diary on Japan, yes, the entire country! Food, places to visit, good places to stay, and lots of cheap travel tips.

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