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Today my guests help me answer an important question that I don't have much insight to, personally. Should you travel solo? What are the benefits vs. traveling with a friend or loved one? How do you meet people on the road?

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Today Jason from Zero to Travel, Jackie from Budget Minded Traveler, and Nathaniel from The Daily Travel Show join me to ask each other questions about travel! We discuss food, offices, whether we actually enjoy flying, and a ton more! Get ready for some good stories!

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Fabian returns to chat about his time working on the Startup Diaries, and driving his company around South America while he did it. We also chat about working more efficiently, not harder, and ask a very important question, what will you do with your freedom?

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Fabian Dittrich joins me to talk about his journey from having Malaria to running his own company from the road. We discuss making decisions based on the story you'll be able to tell later, why he's thankful he got malaria, and thoughts on traditional job advice.

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Nate Buchanan talks about his incredible 15-day mileage run in airplanes and airports from South America to Asia, and why he considers this 92,000-mile business class trip an investment.

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From hot air balloon rides over ancient temples to self-guided food tours of back alley stalls, here are our top 24 experiences of 2015 - including a few that will surprise you!

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