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Today Jason Moore joins me as we share our super simple way to plan your goals for the new year. We look back at our success and failures, and discuss some of the awesome things to come in 2017.

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Amanda Hathorn-Geary joins me today to share her vast experience working and traveling the world, on cruises!! We talk about the types of jobs available, how to get them, and the awesome perks that come with it.

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Tim Leffel comes back to the podcast today to discuss breaking into the Travel Writing  field and cheap places to live around the world!

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Suzanne and Mitch Rutledge just finished up a 9 month, round the world trip, complete with their 8 year old son! Learn how they traveled as a family and some of the best tips they learned along the way.

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Brent Underwood started his own hostel in Austin, Texas when the opportunity presented itself. Today he joins me to chat about his journey from travel junkie, to travel junkie with a hostel and some of the steps that that entailed.

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We're thankful for a lot of things this year, and most of them were very unexpected! Join us for our annual chat about the things we're thankful for! P.S. You're on the list ;)

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After scouring the globe, we reveal our 46 favorite gifts for travelers. From less than $4 to over $1,000, here are the best gifts for any budget and style. For pictures & links head to www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/gift

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This year the Abroaders are partnering with Home for the Holidays to help people unable to be with their families for the holidays fly home using donations of Frequent Flyer miles. So if you've got miles to spare, or have been away from your family, have a listen and see if you can give/get one of the best presents ever.

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Joining me today is S. Bedford the author of It's Only the Himalayas and Other Adventures of Miscalculation from an Overconfident Backpacker. With a title like that, we have plenty of travel mishaps to discuss on today's episode!

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Nothing good happens after 2am - except the most epic experiences of your life!

Jon Levy explains how, by using science (yes, SCIENCE!) he went from being a nerd - before nerds were cool - to spending Thanksgiving at Kiefer Sutherland's house, hosting dinner parties for some of the world's most interesting people, and narrowly escaping death while running with the bulls.

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Erin McNeaney from Never Ending Voyage joins me today to chat about how to travel with just a carry on, and what it was like to create a budget tracking app for travelers.

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Join Heather and I as we delve into the best places to stay, the best things to do, and of course our favorite foods from Santorini, Greece!

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After 2 months traveling through Norway, Georgia (the country!), Greece, England, and Scotland, we have a lot to recap! We discuss the best foods, accommodations, experiences, and our most surprising moment from the trip!

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Stefan Loble is back on the podcast to talk to us about Bluffworks newest project, a blazer! We even detail how you can win your very own! Check out their kickstarter at : http://kck.st/2cPjhUw

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When our list of things to do consists of mostly beaches, you know you've found a good relaxation spot. Join us as we chat about our time in Paros, Greece!

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Georgia has quickly made it's way into my heart (probably through my stomach) and should be a country high on anyone's wanderlust list. Today we chat food, accommodations, and amazing scenery in the country of Georgia.

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Only on the road can you run into situations like this. Remember the #1 travel rule, if you can take someone up on an invitation into their home? Do it.

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Ever wondered why road trips are so awesome? Probably not cause you already knew it, but Jason & I are going to talk about it anyway!

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Jason and I are back to talk some more about how awesome roadtrips are! We go through the top part of our list, and even match up on some of the numbers!

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Author Tom Edwards has traveled the world on a shoestring, or perhaps a guitar string. He shares his tips for getting jobs on the road and some of his experiences as an ultra-budget traveler.

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Mike & Suzie, from The Mike & Suzie show join me today to talk health and fitness on the road. How to keep routines/eat better when you're traveling, why diets are crap, and how there is no such thing as failing!

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Fast or slow? There's pros and cons for traveling either way, and today Jason from Zero to Travel joins me for a quick debate!

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Part 2 of our Destination Diary on Chicago where we talk about the public transit in Chicago, how it's the most bikeable city in the US, the sports scene, and the multitude of free things to do in the city!

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Chicago is known as one of the best food cities in the world. And after to listening to the first half our our destination diary, you'll know why. With more food recommendations than any Destination Diary to date, we welcome listener Kevin to the show to discuss the wonders that Chicago has to offer.

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There's a big difference between traveling on your own, and traveling with your spouse, friends, parents, siblings, etc. Today Heather, myself, and podcast favorite guest Napkins discuss those differences and the benefits of traveling on your own.

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Sometimes when you get home from a trip, you get a little (or a lot) sad. We experience it too, and here's how we deal with the post travel blues.

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Marcus and Feli, founders of the Digital Nomad Conference, talk about the unifying power of the location independent lifestyle, how they broke free of the 9-5, and what they believe the future looks like for digital nomads.

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Gabby reveals how her Youtube channel went from 1,000 subscribers to 100,000 subscribers in less than a year, why her business model isn't based on what SHE wants, and how she handles internet trolls and hate mail.

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Britany gives us the nitty gritty details on how to get freelance writing gigs, including a "secret tip" that will allow you to find freelance writing gigs for any magazine in the world.

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Jacob drops "truth bombs" while telling you how it's possible to be successful AND follow your passion...and then urges everyone to play the "no game", which will radically rock your world.

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Matt tells us why drinking Bloody Mary's at 11 am in the morning is his barometer for success and reveals his 4 step OSEM system for being a successful entrepreneur.

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Carla tells us what it was like being one of the world's first digital nomads - eventhough she didn't know it at the time - and the secrets you need to know to be ultra successful as self published author.

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Tim discusses the world's cheapest destinations, where you should travel RIGHT NOW to take advantage of a strong US dollar, and how he has been able to travel with a family for the last 20 years.

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Join Ginger as she discusses how she was able to get the government to pay her to travel (what???) and how you too can take advantage of this and other "travel savvy" opportunities that many people don't know exist!

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Nick and Gen discuss their AirBn"Bee" problem and how they are able to travel, live, and work as couplepreneurs...and the highs and lows of relationships on the road!

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How Johnny went from being a broke scuba diving instructor to making $20k a month off affiliate income and how he finds digital nomads in cities all over the world.

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Learn how Brian, as a college student, built one of the largest sites about soccer on the internet - and then why he walked away from it.  Plus, his key for making sales without ever being "salesy."

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This years Paradise Pack launches today, and in honor we're releasing three interviews with contributors to this years pack! Here we'll talk to Mish Slade from Mortified Cow and Making It Anywhere about how she built her businesses while traveling the world!

Show Notes: http://www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/233

The Paradise Pack: http://www.TheParadisePack.com


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This years Paradise Pack launches today, and in honor we're releasing three interviews with contributors to this years pack! Here we'll talk to Ruth Sokup on how she built her blog LivingWellSpendingLess.com and her advice for anyone looking to make money from home!

Show Notes: http://www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/232

The Paradise Pack: http://www.TheParadisePack.com

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This years Paradise Pack launches today, and in honor we're releasing three interviews with contributors to this years pack! Here we'll talk to Johnny FD about his journey to Location Independence and his advice to those of you looking to do the same!


Show Notes: http://www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/231

The Paradise Pack: http://www.TheParadisePack.com

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Heather and I have been Location Independent for 4 years. Long before we even knew that was a thing to be. Today we share 27 lessons we've learned (or are still learning) along the way.

Show Notes: http://www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/230


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It should be no surprise that Heather and I loved New Orleans. Check out some of our recommendations on where to eat, what to do, and where to stay in the big easy!

Show Notes: http://www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/229


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Heather and I have rented AirBnB properties all over the world, but now we've decided to flip the equation and rent out our own home on AirBnB.  We relay our experience as AirBnB hosts plus tell you how to price your property, create a good listing, and add the little touches so that you can successfully rent out your place (even if you don't live in a "hot" area) and make money while you travel.

Show Notes: http://www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/228

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Heather and I are back from our amazing roadtrip, and today we're here to thank you guys for being so awesome, and talk about some of the places we visited along the way.

Show notes are available at http://www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/227

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Nashville has quickly climbed the charts to one of our favorite cities in the USA. Today we discuss our favorite places to eat, drink, and listen to live music (they have more than just country!) as well as some of our favorite activities and an awesome money saving tip if you're traveling by car!


Get the shownotes @ http://www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/226

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Jason joins me today to discuss our top cities around the USA. We'll do the first half of our favorite cities today on the EPoP Podcast, and you can check out part 2 over on Zero to Travel!

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Geneviève and Nicolas from The Great Anomaly join Heather and I today to talk about what it means to be couplepreneurs.

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Travis and Heather discuss why they have (almost) no plans for their upcoming roadtrip, how you can help pick where they go and what they do, what their essential items are, and why this is getting back to their travel roots.

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I recently returned from a trip to Israel and was blown away by how incredible it was. Today, guest favorite Napkins is back to interview me about my experiences in Israel, why I think it's the most fascinating country in the world and my unintentional digital sabbatical!

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Brian is biking Around America. Not across. The difference? About 9,000.00 miles. Tune in to listen to Brian as we run through the details of his trip, from planning, to the money he's raised for charity, to some of the awesome stats he's been keeping along the way.

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I recently had the good fortune to travel to Israel with Nir and Guy, the founders of Puzzle Israel. And had some of my favorite travel experiences. We chat about our trip and the creation of Puzzle Israel.

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Today Heather and I each countdown our top 10 travel destinations. Included are places that have been on our list for years. Others have only been on there for 2 weeks. What can I say? I'm easy to convince!

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We finally got around to it! Here is a Destination Diary on Japan, yes, the entire country! Food, places to visit, good places to stay, and lots of cheap travel tips.

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The list continues in today's episode. Find out what my (current) favorite city is! And check out our new podcast!

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Nick Hersh joins me again to discuss the Top 10 cities in the world. For now anyways! I reserve the right to change my mind!

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Everyone loves to eat, especially me. Today my buddy Nick Hersch and I discuss our top 5 countries in Europe for food!

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The top ten travel questions Googled in 2015 aren't at all what we were expecting. We try to answer them anyways! 

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Today my guests help me answer an important question that I don't have much insight to, personally. Should you travel solo? What are the benefits vs. traveling with a friend or loved one? How do you meet people on the road?

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Today Jason from Zero to Travel, Jackie from Budget Minded Traveler, and Nathaniel from The Daily Travel Show join me to ask each other questions about travel! We discuss food, offices, whether we actually enjoy flying, and a ton more! Get ready for some good stories!

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Fabian returns to chat about his time working on the Startup Diaries, and driving his company around South America while he did it. We also chat about working more efficiently, not harder, and ask a very important question, what will you do with your freedom?

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Fabian Dittrich joins me to talk about his journey from having Malaria to running his own company from the road. We discuss making decisions based on the story you'll be able to tell later, why he's thankful he got malaria, and thoughts on traditional job advice.

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Nate Buchanan talks about his incredible 15-day mileage run in airplanes and airports from South America to Asia, and why he considers this 92,000-mile business class trip an investment.

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From hot air balloon rides over ancient temples to self-guided food tours of back alley stalls, here are our top 24 experiences of 2015 - including a few that will surprise you!

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