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From street side stalls in Thailand and taco trucks in Austin to gourmet restaurants in Sedona and Cape Town, here are our 20 best meals of 2015...plus our favorite beers, wines, and coffees!

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In Part 1 of our 2015 Year in Review we give you all our stats - how many miles we traveled, how many places we stayed, and other fun facts.  Then, we give our best and worst of each, from our favorite accommodations to our biggest travel mishap.

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Danny Flood is back to discuss some of the main ideas of his newest novel, Hack Sleep. Along with balancing work & travel, the Open World Magazine, and a new IndieGoGo project!

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Author Danny Flood joins me to talk about starting your own business, his #1 secret for launching a hit book on Amazon, and the importance of 1,000 true fans.

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Travel meltdowns happen. Even to the best of us. Today Jason from Zero to Travel and Napkins (fan favorite!) share a couple of the meltdowns that happened on the road. Check out the Zero to Travel podcast to hear mine and Heathers!

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Have a traveler in your life? Want to know what to spend some of your holiday money on? Here are a ton of awesome gifts for those travelers in your life (or for yourself!) Visit http://www.extrapackofpeanuts.com/gifts for links to each product!

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