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The Grand Canyon is an amazing site, and today's podcast is recorded from it's very edge. Heather and I are incredibly thankful for the decisions that landed us here and to all of you for making it possible!

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Bryan Petro returns today to talk more about CorkSharing, his recommendations on places to visit around the world, and a spicy travel mishap!

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Bryan Petro joins us today to talk about his experiences expanding the sharing economy to boats, and one of Heather's favorites, wine!

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I have a new favorite city, and today Heather and I are gonna tell you all about it! From transportation to food and wine, we have a ton of recommendations for you!

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Today Heather and I join you to chat about the best ways to get phone service abroad!

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Today Heather and I take turns drawing travel quirks out of a hat and it's up to you to guess which one of us it applies to! What can we say? We're weird.

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