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Jared Brock is back today to talk about some of the crazy adventures he experienced on his journey to live prayerfully for a year. Also included are some tips on how to become a minimalist, and a crazy travel mishap with a happy ending!

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Jared Brock is a world traveler who has done some crazy things. He fights human trafficking as co-founder of Hope for the Sold. Join us to learn about his adventures making documentaries and walking on hot coals!

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Heather, Napkins, and I discuss some our top 7 tracks (each) that are must haves for roadtrips! From the old to the new, there's something for everyone!

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We continue our car recording journey with 18 essential items for any of your upcoming roadtrips!

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Heather and I take a little time during our current roadtrip to discuss some roadtrips that we love, or would love to do around the United States during the summer!

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