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In the second part of our interview with Dave from Oventure Travel Gear we discuss how on earth you even start getting a physical product made, Oventure's dedication to donating to Pencils of Promise, and a recommendation for the best beignets in New Orleans.

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Today Dave from Odventure Travel Gear joins me to talk about his start as an entrepreneur, why he chose to start with travel gear, and how great packing cubes can be!


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Jason and I list out 14 great practical hacks that will allow you to travel for as long as you wish! From 1 month trips to becoming a permanent nomad, if you like to travel, this is a great episode for you!

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Today Jason and I break down some great mental hacks that can help you head off on your travel dream, and keep things interesting while you're gone! Also, enter to win a free Tortuga Backpack!

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From the streets of Portland and diners of America to cafes of Italy and the alleys of Chiang Mai, Heather and Jason list their 16 best coffee experiences from around the world while Travis tries to figure out why people love this weird brown liquid.

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In part 2 of this interview with Eytan the Snarky Nomad we discuss travel gear. From clothes to technology Eytan has a minimalist answer to all of your packing woes! We also discuss looking good while you travel and using your phone as your main camera while on the road.

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Eytan from SnarkyNomad.com joins me today to discuss how he fell in love with travel, why he became obsessed with travel gear, and why explaining red solo cups to an Australian is part of the reason he keeping going back to travel, again and again.

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