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Brendan is back for Part 2 of our interview. In this portion we talk about freedom, and how awesome it is, why everyone should adventure in their hometown, even if it's just for a new taco place, and the reason everyone should carry a spoon when they travel.

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Brendan Leonard from Semi-rad.com joins me today to discuss how he got into the outdoor lifestyle, how taking a conference call from his smelly car changed his life, and the reality behind the concept of security.

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Evo is back again for part 2 of this awesome interview. Today we talk about how to find out if this lifestyle is for you,  relationships on the road, and of course, the evil that are duck feathers?

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Evo Terra from the Opportunistic Travelers joins me today as we talk about leaving the default lifestyle behind and taking your life in new directions through travel. Part 1 of a 2 part interview.

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I discusses the strategy and secrets behind opening multiple credit cards in one day to earn tons of miles and points and then helps Jason plan his own app-o-Rama.

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What were the most popular questions about travel in 2014? Google knows the answer. Today Heather presents the top 10 travel questions Googled last year and see's what advice I have to give!

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Leon Logothetis is well aware of the power of kindness on the road, and has spent more than one crazy trip relying on the kindness of strangers to get him through.

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We give a lot of advice on this podcast? But do we follow it? Today Heather and I discuss the planning of our 2 month trip around the United States, and how we apply some of our advice to save money on domestic travel.

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