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Africa is a continent filled with mystery...and misconceptions.  Today, Trav sits down with his brother Cody to discuss what life is REALLY like living in Africa and also recount a hilarious travel mishap that includes tap dancing shoes, a trip to Turkey, and lots of sobbing.

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Heather and I have spent more time in Chiang Mai than anywhere in the world except Philly. So today we run down some of the best places to eat, sleep, adventure, and get custom suits in this amazing city.

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Both Heather and I love sweets, and not just for dessert. Today we talk about our favorite sweet treats from all around the world including, ice cream, peanuts, (we did get an extra pack of them after all...) and so much more.

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After eating food from all over the globe, Travis and Heather reveal the 20 best meals they've eaten, ranging from $1 meals at street stalls to seven course dinners at 5 star restaurants.

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When you're on the road, it can be hard to make your money stretch if you're afraid of the street food. In today's episode Heather and I discuss our 18 rules for making sure you get great, cheap food while you travel!

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Today Heather and I return to finish up our list of the 20 most beautiful buildings in the world. From the cliche to the forgotten this episode is full of amazing places to visit.

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Today Heather and I were inspired by a beautiful building in Yangon, Myanmar to compile a list of our 20 favorite buildings all over the world. Check out our honorable mentions and the first 5 off each of our lists here!

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