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Despite all our planning, we arrived in Myanmar a little unsure of what exactly we'd be spending our time on. Today Heather and I recount a couple of our freakout moments during our time in Burma, and how we moved past them to finally enjoy our time abroad.

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Allan Karl spent 3 years on the road, so when he came home it was a bit of a shock. From the glare of supermarket choices to the decision to self-publish a book about his travels we chat about his journeys once he returned to the United States.

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Allan Karl visited over 30 countries on his 3 year long motorcycle journey around the world. Today we finally connected to chat about some of his more stressful moments along the way. 

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Everything you need to know about trekking in Nepal - from what route to take, how to hire a guide, what to pack, and everything in between...from someone who has done it.

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When you're traveling some of the best moments often come when you meet, and spend time with, the local people. Today Jason, Heather, and I talk about our 6 favorite experiences meeting locals from our travels.

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Sometimes you end up in businesses you never would have considered. Today we talk with Nate Buchanan about his journey into the world of printing, and how his company, Peanut Butter Printing, is helping to save the world.

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Nate and his wife went on a whirlwind trip through Europe and South East Asia using mostly points and miles. What sparked their trip? A mistake fare! Check out this episode to learn some of Nate's best advice on how to plan your first big trip and save money while doing it.

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