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Mike Spencer Bown has been on the road for 23 years and has some of the best travel stories you'll ever hear. From impersonating a UN security officer to cannibals and killer bees to rave parties this is an episode you won't want to miss.

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When travel becomes your life, sometimes it can get a little tiring. It may sound absurd, but travel burnout is a real thing and today Jason, Heather, and myself sit down to a roundtable discussion on the topic.

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Ever wanted to go on vacation, but didn't want to spend hours and hours making decision and planning all the details? Well now you don't have to. Denise from Magical Mystery Tours joins me today to talk about her business booking secret vacations for people all over the globe.

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Trav and Jason break down their 10 general rules for getting cheap flights- like which days of the week are the cheapest to fly and how to "trick the computer" - and then reveal the 8 step process they go through each time they book a flight to ensure they are always getting the cheapest prices.

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When is the best time to travel to a location? Peak season? Off season? Shoulder season? Today Jason joins me as we discuss the benefits of traveling off season, from lower prices to smaller crowds and some of our favorite off season destinations around the world.

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Relationships on the road are entirely different. Facebook and Instagram only capture those amazing smiling moments, but the reality can be a little more varied. Today Jason interviews Heather and I as we talk about how we work things out on the road.

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Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit as a tourist. But Heather had her heart set on visiting, so we found a way to do it cheap(er). Listen to find out our money saving tips for the city of love!

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