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From street side stalls in Thailand and taco trucks in Austin to gourmet restaurants in Sedona and Cape Town, here are our 20 best meals of 2015...plus our favorite beers, wines, and coffees!

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In Part 1 of our 2015 Year in Review we give you all our stats - how many miles we traveled, how many places we stayed, and other fun facts.  Then, we give our best and worst of each, from our favorite accommodations to our biggest travel mishap.

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Danny Flood is back to discuss some of the main ideas of his newest novel, Hack Sleep. Along with balancing work & travel, the Open World Magazine, and a new IndieGoGo project!

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Author Danny Flood joins me to talk about starting your own business, his #1 secret for launching a hit book on Amazon, and the importance of 1,000 true fans.

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Travel meltdowns happen. Even to the best of us. Today Jason from Zero to Travel and Napkins (fan favorite!) share a couple of the meltdowns that happened on the road. Check out the Zero to Travel podcast to hear mine and Heathers!

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Have a traveler in your life? Want to know what to spend some of your holiday money on? Here are a ton of awesome gifts for those travelers in your life (or for yourself!) Visit http://www.extrapackofpeanuts.com/gifts for links to each product!

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Heather and I chat about the 14 things that we are amazingly thankful for this year. Including you! Thanks for listening!

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Leon joins to talk more in depth about his experiences filming Karun: Misadventures on Iran's Longest River. Today we talk about cost, preparation, and how filming can change the trip.

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Leon McCarron, one of the adventurers of this journey (and previous podcast guest!) joins us today to chat about what he's been up to in the last 150 episodes, how he has managed to make "adventurer" his job title, and his journey through Iran that led to the creation of Karun!

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Today we look at some broad strokes of visiting Japan. We share some the etiquette we learned during our time there, as well as our favorite tips for cheap transportation, accommodation options, and, of course, food!

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It's been a while, but we finally recorded an episode about teaching English in Japan, or anywhere else for that matter!

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The Grand Canyon is an amazing site, and today's podcast is recorded from it's very edge. Heather and I are incredibly thankful for the decisions that landed us here and to all of you for making it possible!

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Bryan Petro returns today to talk more about CorkSharing, his recommendations on places to visit around the world, and a spicy travel mishap!

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Bryan Petro joins us today to talk about his experiences expanding the sharing economy to boats, and one of Heather's favorites, wine!

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I have a new favorite city, and today Heather and I are gonna tell you all about it! From transportation to food and wine, we have a ton of recommendations for you!

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Today Heather and I join you to chat about the best ways to get phone service abroad!

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Today Heather and I take turns drawing travel quirks out of a hat and it's up to you to guess which one of us it applies to! What can we say? We're weird.

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Scott was truly one of the most inspiring, energetic, and enthusiastic people I know, and I recorded this podcast to help others who may be grieving from the loss of a loved one and also to inspire people by discussing the 4 biggest lessons I've learned from Scott over the years.

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Sherry Ott joins me for part 2 of our interview where we discuss the founding of Meet, Plan, Go and the importance of having a home base.

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On the (almost) 9 year anniversary of starting her journey, Sherry Ott of Meet Plan Go! joins me to talk about taking a career break to travel, why it's benificial, and some tips on how to make it happen!

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I managed to break my frugal tendencies to take an amazing trip to Kenya. And I don't regret a second of it.

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Jacob of Sensophy.com returns today to chat about how money is an excuse for deeper fears, fear vs. growth mindsets, and how his business model has changed in the last year to allow him to reach the next evolution of his business!

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We bring back Jacob Sokol of Sensophy.com to tell us what he's been up to in the year since he's been on the podcast! We chat about mentors, making sustainable change, and the best time for decision making and much more!

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Jim returns in part two to share some more information about how a Home Exchange works, how you can search for places to exchange that fit your passions, and quite a "rockin" travel mishap!

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The president of HomeExchange.com joins me to share some awesome information about how home exchange works, and the awesome connections that can be the result!

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Today we go over the crazy amount of things we did in Switzerland that weren't in last weeks episode. Who knew you could fit SO MUCH stuff into 10 days?

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Heather and I are back from a whirlwind trip through Switzerland filming a television special that you helped us win! Tune in to hear about the crazy adventure you sent us on; there are impromptu yodeling lessons, charismatic locals, and so much more!

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Jared Brock is back today to talk about some of the crazy adventures he experienced on his journey to live prayerfully for a year. Also included are some tips on how to become a minimalist, and a crazy travel mishap with a happy ending!

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Jared Brock is a world traveler who has done some crazy things. He fights human trafficking as co-founder of Hope for the Sold. Join us to learn about his adventures making documentaries and walking on hot coals!

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Heather, Napkins, and I discuss some our top 7 tracks (each) that are must haves for roadtrips! From the old to the new, there's something for everyone!

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We continue our car recording journey with 18 essential items for any of your upcoming roadtrips!

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Heather and I take a little time during our current roadtrip to discuss some roadtrips that we love, or would love to do around the United States during the summer!

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In this episode, our friend Dave Atkins, or "Napkins", interviews us about our upcoming Lights, Camera, Switzerland television pilot!

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Adam is the founder of a global organization that builds schools in underdeveloped countries. Today he joins us to talk about the beginnings of Pencils of Promise and how travel has changed his life.

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Stefan Loble, founder of Bluffworks, returns today to discuss his favorite places to travel (an absolute shocker), great tips for traveling like a local, and why he bought a wet newspaper for $40.

In today's episode, Stefan Loble, founder of Bluffworks, discusses why he trekked through the jungle with no shoes, how his hatred for doing laundry lead to him starting a business, and what to do when you don't have the skills to do something.

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Jason returns today to discuss the creation of Phroogal.com, the difference between penny pinching and spending consciously, and how you might be able to catch them on tour!

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Jason Vitug from Phroogal.com joins us to talk about his experiences traveling, and how it changed his life, making the decision to leave a job you actually like (!), and how he became royalty, quite by accident.

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Jasper Ribbers joins us for the final session of the Paradise Pack Sessions with some information on renting out your apartment on AirBnB! If you're interested in learning more, check out the Paradise Pack at www.TheParadisePack.com!

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Our next to last session is with Caz Makepeace from the Y Travel Blog If you're interested in getting a copy of the Paradise Pack, make sure to head over to www.TheParadisePack.com!

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Longtime  friend of the show Sean Keener of BootsnAll fame joins us for this next part of the Paradise Pack Sessions. If you're interested in getting the Paradise Pack, make sure to head over to www.TheParadisePack.com!

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We continue the awesomness with Sherry Ott, founder of Meet, Plan, Go and Ottsworld! If you're interested in getting the Paradise Pack, join us over at www.TheParadisePack.com

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Tim Leffel from Cheap Living Abroad joins us to talk about becoming an ex-pat and living abroad for a fraction of the price. If you're interested in the Paradise Pack, head on over to www.TheParadisePack.com!

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A short interview with Jesse Krieger, the Lifestyle Entrepreneur conducted during the Paradise Pack Livecast Party. If you're interested in getting the Paradise Pack, make sure to head over to www.TheParadisePack.com

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We kick off today's Paradise Pack Sessions with some awesome friends of ours, Nat & Jodie from Housesitting Academy. If you're interested in checking out the Paradise Pack, head over to www.TheParadisePack.com

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Today's replay of the Paradise Pack Livecast concludes with Benny Lewis, the Irish Polyglot who speaks over 10 languages! If you're interested come check out www.TheParadisePack.com

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The Paradise Pack Livecast Party continued with Dave Lee from Travel Blog Success. If you're interested, visit us over at www.TheParadisePack.com!

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The Paradise Pack Livecast Party continues with Adam Seper from Bootsnall! If you're interested, visit us over at www.TheParadisePack.com!

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The Paradise Pack Livecast Party kicks off with Sean Ogle of Location 180! If you're interested, visit us over at www.TheParadisePack.com!

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In the second part of our interview with Dave from Oventure Travel Gear we discuss how on earth you even start getting a physical product made, Oventure's dedication to donating to Pencils of Promise, and a recommendation for the best beignets in New Orleans.

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Today Dave from Odventure Travel Gear joins me to talk about his start as an entrepreneur, why he chose to start with travel gear, and how great packing cubes can be!


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Jason and I list out 14 great practical hacks that will allow you to travel for as long as you wish! From 1 month trips to becoming a permanent nomad, if you like to travel, this is a great episode for you!

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Today Jason and I break down some great mental hacks that can help you head off on your travel dream, and keep things interesting while you're gone! Also, enter to win a free Tortuga Backpack!

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From the streets of Portland and diners of America to cafes of Italy and the alleys of Chiang Mai, Heather and Jason list their 16 best coffee experiences from around the world while Travis tries to figure out why people love this weird brown liquid.

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In part 2 of this interview with Eytan the Snarky Nomad we discuss travel gear. From clothes to technology Eytan has a minimalist answer to all of your packing woes! We also discuss looking good while you travel and using your phone as your main camera while on the road.

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Eytan from SnarkyNomad.com joins me today to discuss how he fell in love with travel, why he became obsessed with travel gear, and why explaining red solo cups to an Australian is part of the reason he keeping going back to travel, again and again.

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Brendan is back for Part 2 of our interview. In this portion we talk about freedom, and how awesome it is, why everyone should adventure in their hometown, even if it's just for a new taco place, and the reason everyone should carry a spoon when they travel.

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Brendan Leonard from Semi-rad.com joins me today to discuss how he got into the outdoor lifestyle, how taking a conference call from his smelly car changed his life, and the reality behind the concept of security.

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Evo is back again for part 2 of this awesome interview. Today we talk about how to find out if this lifestyle is for you,  relationships on the road, and of course, the evil that are duck feathers?

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Evo Terra from the Opportunistic Travelers joins me today as we talk about leaving the default lifestyle behind and taking your life in new directions through travel. Part 1 of a 2 part interview.

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I discusses the strategy and secrets behind opening multiple credit cards in one day to earn tons of miles and points and then helps Jason plan his own app-o-Rama.

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What were the most popular questions about travel in 2014? Google knows the answer. Today Heather presents the top 10 travel questions Googled last year and see's what advice I have to give!

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Leon Logothetis is well aware of the power of kindness on the road, and has spent more than one crazy trip relying on the kindness of strangers to get him through.

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We give a lot of advice on this podcast? But do we follow it? Today Heather and I discuss the planning of our 2 month trip around the United States, and how we apply some of our advice to save money on domestic travel.

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Africa is a continent filled with mystery...and misconceptions.  Today, Trav sits down with his brother Cody to discuss what life is REALLY like living in Africa and also recount a hilarious travel mishap that includes tap dancing shoes, a trip to Turkey, and lots of sobbing.

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Heather and I have spent more time in Chiang Mai than anywhere in the world except Philly. So today we run down some of the best places to eat, sleep, adventure, and get custom suits in this amazing city.

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Both Heather and I love sweets, and not just for dessert. Today we talk about our favorite sweet treats from all around the world including, ice cream, peanuts, (we did get an extra pack of them after all...) and so much more.

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After eating food from all over the globe, Travis and Heather reveal the 20 best meals they've eaten, ranging from $1 meals at street stalls to seven course dinners at 5 star restaurants.

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When you're on the road, it can be hard to make your money stretch if you're afraid of the street food. In today's episode Heather and I discuss our 18 rules for making sure you get great, cheap food while you travel!

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Today Heather and I return to finish up our list of the 20 most beautiful buildings in the world. From the cliche to the forgotten this episode is full of amazing places to visit.

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Today Heather and I were inspired by a beautiful building in Yangon, Myanmar to compile a list of our 20 favorite buildings all over the world. Check out our honorable mentions and the first 5 off each of our lists here!

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Despite all our planning, we arrived in Myanmar a little unsure of what exactly we'd be spending our time on. Today Heather and I recount a couple of our freakout moments during our time in Burma, and how we moved past them to finally enjoy our time abroad.

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Allan Karl spent 3 years on the road, so when he came home it was a bit of a shock. From the glare of supermarket choices to the decision to self-publish a book about his travels we chat about his journeys once he returned to the United States.

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Allan Karl visited over 30 countries on his 3 year long motorcycle journey around the world. Today we finally connected to chat about some of his more stressful moments along the way. 

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Everything you need to know about trekking in Nepal - from what route to take, how to hire a guide, what to pack, and everything in between...from someone who has done it.

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When you're traveling some of the best moments often come when you meet, and spend time with, the local people. Today Jason, Heather, and I talk about our 6 favorite experiences meeting locals from our travels.

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Sometimes you end up in businesses you never would have considered. Today we talk with Nate Buchanan about his journey into the world of printing, and how his company, Peanut Butter Printing, is helping to save the world.

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Nate and his wife went on a whirlwind trip through Europe and South East Asia using mostly points and miles. What sparked their trip? A mistake fare! Check out this episode to learn some of Nate's best advice on how to plan your first big trip and save money while doing it.

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Mike Spencer Bown has been on the road for 23 years and has some of the best travel stories you'll ever hear. From impersonating a UN security officer to cannibals and killer bees to rave parties this is an episode you won't want to miss.

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When travel becomes your life, sometimes it can get a little tiring. It may sound absurd, but travel burnout is a real thing and today Jason, Heather, and myself sit down to a roundtable discussion on the topic.

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Ever wanted to go on vacation, but didn't want to spend hours and hours making decision and planning all the details? Well now you don't have to. Denise from Magical Mystery Tours joins me today to talk about her business booking secret vacations for people all over the globe.

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Trav and Jason break down their 10 general rules for getting cheap flights- like which days of the week are the cheapest to fly and how to "trick the computer" - and then reveal the 8 step process they go through each time they book a flight to ensure they are always getting the cheapest prices.

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When is the best time to travel to a location? Peak season? Off season? Shoulder season? Today Jason joins me as we discuss the benefits of traveling off season, from lower prices to smaller crowds and some of our favorite off season destinations around the world.

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Relationships on the road are entirely different. Facebook and Instagram only capture those amazing smiling moments, but the reality can be a little more varied. Today Jason interviews Heather and I as we talk about how we work things out on the road.

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Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit as a tourist. But Heather had her heart set on visiting, so we found a way to do it cheap(er). Listen to find out our money saving tips for the city of love!

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