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Today we discuss a location near and dear to our hearts. Our home town, Philadelphia! From the best places to eat (and yes, the best cheesesteaks) to the greatest museums for those of you traveling with kids it's all here! Come visit us!

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Yesterday we gave our Top 8 books about travel, and today we're back with the other 13 books on our list. If you like to read, and love to travel, these are some books that should definitely make it to your bookshelf.

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While I'm not traveling (and even when I am) I like to spend my free time READING about travel. Because you really just can't get enough. Nick joins me today while we discuss the first part of our list of top 20 books on travel.

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Want to make money renting out your apartment or home while you travel, but don't know how you feel about it? Charlie Grosso joins us to talk about her experiences renting out her New York apartment while she travels the world.

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Charlie Grosso of CharlieGrosso.com joins me today to talk about running a brick and mortar business while still living a location independent lifestyle, the Mongol Rally and the idea of security while traveling and working for yourself. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.

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Heather joins me to discuss every travelers worst enemy. Jetlag. Our best tips on how to avoid it, 

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Last week we let the cat out of the bag and let you all know how uncool Jason and I really are. This week we cinch the deal and discuss our favorite "touristy" travel destinations around the world.

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What's so different about traveling as a couple? Well for one thing, spending all that time with just one person can lead to a lot of tension on the road. Especially long term. Married with Luggage founders join us today to talk about their best advice for couples on the road.

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Married with Luggage founders Warren and Betsy Talbot join us to talk about their journey to becoming location independent and the considerations when looking for a home base for your travels.

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Within 2 hours of landing in Italy, if it could go wrong, it did. And the worst part was, most of it could have been avoided! I guess not even us "pros" are exempt from the little travel mishaps.

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Today we discuss our best tips and tricks for sticking to some semblance of a workout routine & diet while traveling abroad.

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Jason and I throw away all preconceived notions of our coolness and tell you the top 14 touristy activities that we've engaged in on our travels.

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Fred Perotta, founder of Tortuga Backpacks joins me today to give out some seriously awesome tips on packing for your upcoming trips!

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Jason and I finish up our list of 21 ways to save money when looking for a place to stay while you travel.

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Today Jason joins me as we discuss the first 10 of our 21 ways to save accommodations master list. Timeless strategies that can help anyone find cheaper digs anywhere in the world!

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Ever wonderded what it's really like to be a location independant professional? Today Jason and I discuss the realities behind being a digital nomad.

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Today my good friend Nick Hersh joins us to talk about his experiences in the Foreign Service as a U.S. Diplomat and gives advice to those of us interested in pursing this avenue of working abroad.

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Today Heather and I talk about one of our favorite countries in the world, Portugal! Where to go, what to do, and the best places to eat and drink!

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Byron Go joins Trav to discuss why he stopped living "the Netflix life", his decision to trade in his apartment to live in a van, and why he's never been happier.

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Ever wondered how to use all those mile and points you've accumulated? Here's a great place to get started. Check out the awesome resources and join in the conversation over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/awardtickets.

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Which coast is the best coast?  Let the battle rage on as Heather and Trav go head to head in an attempt to determine which is better, the East Coast or the West Coast.

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In this episode, Trav brings his twin Gale back on the podcast to tell you the best things to do, see, and eat in Santiago and the surrounding area of Galicia (including where to find the best sangria)!


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In this episode, Trav brings on his twin sister (who just so happens to live in Santiago de Compostela) to discuss everything people should know about hiking The Camino, the world's most famous pilgrimage. 


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