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What's better than having all the conveinces of home while you're away? Getting them for free. Heather and I just finished a wonderful housesit in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado and we have some tips and tricks that'll help you get your first housesit that we're dying to share. If you want to see the show notes and join in the conversation please visit www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/HouseSittingFAQS

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Today Jason and I discuss our top 14 most beautiful places on earth. From places you can't even pronounce (don't worry, we can't either) to locations that might be just a drive away we travel the world with our choices. And after this episode you'll be yearning to travel too. Join in the conversation and tell us the most beautiful places you've been by going to www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/BeautifulSpots

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Everyone always thinks that travel is all beautiful vistas and delicious foods, but those of us that travel know the truth. Sometimes mishaps occur during our travels, even to those of us who do it all the time! Join Heather and I while we chat about some of our most serious travel mishaps and be sure to leave your own over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/mishaps.

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Today we have Rob from Making It Anywhere to chat about how he and Mish (his wife and business partner) started their journey to becoming digital nomads through Fiverr and Elance before slowly moving their way up the digital ladder to bigger projects and income streams. Be sure to listen in for great tips on where to start, how to get past the feeling of not having any skills, and creating your very own digital business. Join the conversation over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/Anywhereist.

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In this week's Destination Diary we tackle on of our favorite US Cities, Portland! From excellent beer to delicious coffee, the best ice cream in the world, and amazing food carts around every corner Portland is a dream come true. Join in the conversation and tell us about your favorite places in Portland by visitingwww.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/DesinationPortland

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Today we have the Planetwalker, John Francis, on the podcast to talk about his 22 year journey not riding in motorized vehicles, and 17 year vow of silence. With some hilarious stories, some heartfelt moments, and some wisdom along the way, we find that maybe crazy isn't as bad as people think. Join the conversation and help the Planetwalk cause by heading over to www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/planetwalker

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This week Jason and I get together to chat about our top 12 sporting events. We chat about Japanese baseball tournaments, WWE, skiing, caged fan sections at soccer games, the Kentucky Derby, and more!

Join in the conversation and tell us YOUR favorite sporting events over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/sports

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Trav and Heather reveal the 20 items they always bring with them on a flight to ensure that, no matter how long it is, it's as enjoyable as possible.

Remember folks:  An 8 hour flight without headphones = TORTURE!

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Today we have Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, on the podcast to talk about his best advice for entrepreneurs and travelers. We discuss what it takes to run such a large company and how it grew to become one, how travel changes you, and why group travel is really awesome. Join the conversation and see the show notes over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/GAdventuresPodcast

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This week's destination diary focuses on the state of Colorado. With Jason as our co-host and Colorado local we cover the best cities, how to visit all the national parks for cheap, great ski spots, delicious food, and of course, great beer. To join the conversation and for links & maps of all the places we discuss in this weeks episode join us over at : www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/destinationColorado

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Today I'm joined by Ethan Waldman of TheTinyHouse.net where he talks about his experiences building and living in a tiny house. We chat about what made him decide to build a tiny house, how much it cost him, and the great rewards of living small. For more information and links to resources on tiny houses please join the conversation over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/tinyhouse.

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What are the strangest foods you've had? Today Jason and I talk about our top 10 weirdest foods, ranging from Cambodia to Norway, Montenegro, Japan, and even my very own home! Join the conversation over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/weirdestfoods and let us know the strangest thing you've ever eaten!

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This weeks Reader Questions focus around your top 5 credit card questions. Today Jason joins me as we delve in depth into these very commonly asked questions and unravel some of the mystery surrounding your credit score, what miles you should collect, and where to start in the travel hacking game.

To get links from this weeks episode and for more information on credit cards and travel hacking check out www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/CreditCardQuestions

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One of the most complicated aspects of planning a trip can be the process of getting a visa. From hard to understand terminology to demands that don't fit your schedule, researching visas is always stressful.

Today, visa experts Steve Gempler and Peter Gulas from AlliedPassport.com to clear up some of the mysteries surrounding passports and visas and answer all the most commonly asked questions.

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Croatia is a land of beautiful beaches, well preserved historical sites, and delicious fried calamari.

 In today's episode Heather and I take a look back at our 3 weeks in Eastern Europe, most noteably, the time they spent on the Dalmation Coast of Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik.

From walking the walls of a historical city to exploring abandoned resorts and delicious mini pizzas to giant meat platters, this episode is a great overview of the sights and tastes of Croatia. We'll share some of the best places we stayed, ate, and adventured and make you long for the clear waters and brilliant views that make up the Dalmation Coast.

To see some of our favorite restaurants and accomodations visit the blog page for this episode at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/destinationCroatia for links and more!

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A.J. Jacobs is a NY Times Bestseller, editor at Esquire, and a professional human guinea pig.

A.J. takes on these personal experiments in what he calls “extreme self improvement” and documents his struggles (and successes) in his books.

Keeping life fun and exciting through these personal challenges is exactly the reason that I wanted AJ to come on the show and share his experiences with us all.

AJ talks to us today about how he started on this journey to self-experiementation (hint: it involves the Academy Awards), how his family handles some of his more extreme projects, and his newest project that you can be a part of!

We're reminded that our changes don't all have to be huge, that viewing the world from another's point of view is always a good use of time, and the ideas are the lifeblood of entrepreneaurs.

Make sure to check out the site for A.J.'s next project : GlobalFamilyReunion.com so you can help him with his next project. You and A.J. are cousins after all, and family helps out family!

Check out more links & notes from the episode at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/aj-jacobs

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Jason and I get together this week to talk about one of our favorite subjects. Beer. We take the time to list out our 8 favorite breweries each (for a total of 16 awesome places to visit) and let you know just why each one made our list.

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Jason and I breakdown all the important factors in picking the right backpack, from getting the right size, figuring out your straps, and how to make sure you don't have to pull everything out each time you want to find a pair of socks. We also offer recommendations on which ones you should buy...and which ones you shouldn't.

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Sasha Martin discusses why she decided to dedicate over 3 years of her life to cooking a meal from every single country (all 195), reveals some of her favorite recipes, and lays down a challenge to all listeners, called #EPoPCooks. You won't want to miss this amazing story!

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India is an assault on the senses, a country of amazing colors, contrasts, and mostly, confusion. And a country that can't begin to understand until after you've been there, and one you won't fully understand afterwards. In today's episode,Heather and I  break down their three week adventure through India, telling you their favorite places they stayed, ate, and experiences they had. 

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Jacob Sokol from Sensophy joins Trav to discuss how one travel experience transformed him from living the fast life in NYC with the good job, great apartment, and even the motorcycle to someone who is now on a quest for deeper meaning and greater connections.


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From hair raising drives up the Italian coast to tackling some of the world’s most scenic roads, Heather and I reveal our 10 favorite road trips of all time.

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