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Ever sat at your desk and wondered what adventure could be out there for you? Daydreaming about that “one big trip”? Leon McCarron did. He had a yearning to bicycle across The United States for as long as his savings could support him. No one wanted to go with him, so he did it alone. And he’s just released a book about it.

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While packing habits vary widely, there are some essential items that should go on every trip with you. This week, a very special guest joins us to tell you the 20 essentials you need to pack for traveling, no matter where you’re heading next.

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Today Michael Nyffeler joins us to give us 8 great tips for any travel photographer from newbie to amatuer to pofessional alike. He’ll also speak about his experiences as a freelance photographer, when the best times to take photos actually is, and share some of his expertise about camera equipment.

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What’s the biggest benefit of a location independent lifestyle? Freedom. Marcello Arrambide of WanderingTrader.com has worked hard to guarantee himself “complete freedom." Today he joins us to talk about what exactly day trading is (the short version, including a one minute break down of the stock market) and his travel adventures.

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Sailing was something that interested Bo, but he'd never done. So of course, he bought a sailboat and made it his goal to sail around the world.  I mean really, what else was there to do?

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