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Lauren McLeod knows, and her and her partner have assembled a team of flight experts at Flightfox to help others find the best (and cheapest) flights that fit their needs. Today Lauren joins us to talk about the inception of Flightfox, her original site Globetroopers, and to share the ups and downs of creating your own business on the road.

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Known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie has devoted the last four years to helping people create freedom in business and adventure in life. Today she joins us to speak about some of the business lessons she’s learned along the way, how to balance work & life while on the road and share some of her travel successes and mishaps.

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Imagine a world where adventure lurks around every corner, around every bend, and at the top of every hill. Alastair Humphreys lives in that world. And today, he’ll tell us how to join him there.

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Children are often seen as a detriment to a life of travel. With three girls under the age of five and many miles of travel under his belt, author and motivational speaker Grant Baldwin certainly disagrees with that! Today he joins us to share his tips on keeping business travel fun, balancing cost vs. comfort, and also how to travel with a family of five.

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