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Six years ago, Francis Tapon set out to pull back the curtain on Eastern Europe and entice travelers around the world to explore the “hidden” side of Europe. 25 countries later, he documented his experience in the amazing book, “The Hidden Europe.”

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Today, I bring Heather back on the show to discuss the top 10 accommodations we’ve ever stayed in, the top 10 food we’ve eaten, and the top 10 travel experiences we’ve had.

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Today, Matt, co-founder of The Flight Deal, comes on the podcast to talk about how you can score cheap airfare all around the world. So instead of paying full price next time you step on a plane, learn tricks from the pros and start immediately saving THOUSANDS of dollars on airfare so that you can travel more and spend less!

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Today, Gigi Griffiths shares with you some of her best tips on a host of different travel topics, including the practicalities of traveling with a pet (easier than you might think), how to start your freelance writing career, the truths about solo travel and the secret to finding cheaper accommodations anywhere you go.

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