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Roger Wade has mapped out the prices of over 120 destinations in the world with real data. This means that before traveling to a place, you can actually get a decent handle on how much you’ll spend, and plan your trip accordingly.He also shares the places that offer the “best bang for your travel buck”, like three amazing but cheap cities in Europe and an island paradise in Asia.

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The world is a big place, and there is no shortage of destinations to travel to, things to see, and areas to explore. To help you get some ideas of where you want to go (or more likely, to help you pare down your list), a special guest and I will be presenting The Ultimate Wanderlust List.

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Fortunately, for every way to spend money, there is also a way to save money, which can make traveling much cheaper than you ever imagined. You just need to know where to look, and after traveling extensively over the last 7 years, I’ve learned more than a few tricks.

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Southeast Asia is an absolutely magical place full of gorgeous beaches, amazing food, and incredible culture. Couple all that with the fact that it’s insanely cheap, and you’ve got one of the best places in the world to visit. And no one knows that better than Stuart McDonald, founder of of the amazing online guidebook Travelfish, who has been living, working, and hanging out in the region for over 20 yea

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In today’s interview Ryan Warner not only talks about how he got his job, which allows him to travel around the world and maintain great benifits and a good salary but also about his experience studying abroad. 

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