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Today, Heather and Trav discuss their tips and tricks for how to plan and organize a trip - from picking your destination to how they research "on the ground" and what locals are the best for authentic advice.

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We're back today to finish off our list of the top 14 travel experiences of 2014. From getting locked into a cage with a bunch of rabid sports fans to the beautiful lanterns of Yee Ping this year has been full of amazing experiences.

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In this episode, Trav and Heather countdown their travel experiences from 2014, including racing up waterfalls in Thailand and making homemade pizza in Italy.

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27 hours on planes is enough to drive anyone mad! Today Heather joins me to talk about our recent long haul flight experience and some of the steps we took to make our journey as comfortable as possible.

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In a digital age, we're sometimes a little too attached. Today we bring back friend and co-host Jason Moore who is just back from a one month digital sabbatical to share his experiences.

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In this episode of The Extra Pack of Podcast, Jason Lewis of Expedition360 joins me to talk about one of the most amazing feats in travel history, going around the entire world using just human power.

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In the inaugural episode, Trav discusses why he started Extra Pack of Peanuts, where the site name came from, and why he has decided to start a podcast.

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In this episode, Trav answers some of the most frequently asked questions about frequent flyer miles so that you can start understanding them, earning them and traveling for free.

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In this episode of the Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast, Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle joins me to discuss a variety of travel topics, including why he allows strangers to pick which country he will move to every 4 months, how being an idiot abroad is a positive thing, and why he currently has only 70 items to his name.

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One of our favorite things to do while we're traveling is to rent apartments. Being in cool neighborhoods, with more space, for less money - what's not to love? Heather joins me today to talk about our experiences renting apartments and some tips and tricks to help you save money on your travels!

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We’ve scoured the globe for the perfect gifts for travelers and now reveal our 33 favorites for 2014. From less than $10 to over $1,000, we’ve picked out travel gifts that fit in any budget. So start shopping, and happy holidays!

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Accounts of Bali vary wildly, is it cheap or expensive? The truth is it can be either, but here are our experiences doing Bali for cheap. From accommodations to food and activities, we break down the real price of travel in Bali.

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Today I share with you the top 15 travel websites that I love, and use all the time to plan out our travels around the world. From finding flights and train travel to accommodations and recommendations on what to do, these websites have got you covered.

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Today I bring back Robb Hillman and David McMullin to share their experiences in Guatemala with all of us, so that we too can fall in love with this seemingly beautiful country. We talk about some of the best sites to see, including Tikal, active volcanoes, and caves best seen by candlelight.

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Heather and Trav reveal their 14 golden rules for carrying money when traveling - from what bank accounts reimburse your ATM fees overseas and don't charge a percentage, when and where to convert your money, how much cash you should have you at all times, and everything else to help ensure you don't get ripped off.

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Scott Manning from TwelveCountries.com joins us today to talk about his year abroad with his wife and baby. We talk about the places they've visited so far, how much it's cost them, and some great advice for saving money on the road.

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People seem to think that kids = the end of your traveling. Scott Manning from TwelveCountries.com disagrees, and joins us to talk about his experience traveling the world with an infant.

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Sailing was something that interested Bo, but he'd never done. So of course, he bought a sailboat and made it his goal to sail around the world.  I mean really, what else was there to do?

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To celebrate this holiday of thanks Heather joins me to discuss some things that we're thankful for this year, some of which were completely unexpected. We also lay out some of the best podcasts for you to queue up for any long travel days coming over the weekend!

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Rob and Dave joins us again today to share their experiences on their current open-ended trip. From where they've been to where they're going, how they've saved money on accommodations, and some deep thoughts on stepping out of the cave, they're sure to teach us all a little something about life and travel.

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Longtime EpoP Readers and Listeners share their strategies for saving money for their long term trips around the world! All those excuses to not travel, they had them, and they overcame them and you can too! 

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Getting sick while you travel can be terrible, but don't let it ruin your trip! Here are 8 tips and tricks that we've learned, from experience, to be helpful when you're far from home and need medical attention.

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How do you find the travel sweet spot between comfort, convenience, and cost?

Over the last 4 years, that answer has changed for us - dramatically.

Today Heather joins me as we talk about the aspects of our travel that have changed and why, and we coin a new term - Travpacking!


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We get asked how we can travel so often all the time. The secret? Cheap travel destinations. Today we go in depth into how much it costs to visit Thailand, from accommodations to $1 dinners (no, we're not kidding) we cover everything you'll need to know to start planning your trip!

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Alex Owumi found himself trapped in his apartment building during the Arab Spring for several weeks. This is the story of his escape from Libya and his struggles getting back to a "normal" life.

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Alex Owumi had no idea when he accepted a contract to play in Libya that he'd be playing for a team owned by Qaddafi. He also had no idea that he would end up trapped in his penthouse apartment, eating bugs, while the Arab Spring raged on the streets below. 

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Nick joins Trav once again and they countdown the Top 10 European cities to visit during the winter.

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Steve and Vali got the book deal, but now they had to actually go on the trip. After buying a ridiculously priced bottle of Scotch they set out on an adventure around the world, meeting people, having general misunderstandings, and, of course, breaking the rules. Then once they were finished, they had to write about it!

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Comedy writers Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran join Trav to discuss The Ridiculous Race, who cheated right off the bat (and why), and the interesting tactic they used to score a book deal from a major publisher before The Race even began.

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Heather joins me today as we describe one of the most underrated ways to travel more and spend less- budget airlines. Everything from how to find them, the pros and cons, and even sneaking on your overweight baggage.

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In part II of this interview with readers Chris & Tiffany we learn more about their crazy honeymoon and how they're able to save money on their travels. We chat about where they've been, where they're going, their money saving strategies, and hear about some crazy mishaps that have happened along the way.

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Today I bring on long time listeners, and now EPoP team members, Chris and Tiffany to talk about their experiences deciding to become location independent and making their dream of a year long backpacking honeymoon a reality.  Our very first EPoP listener success story!

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You're getting ready to head out on your trip. But what do you need to do to prepare? No need to fret, Heather and I are here to list out the 24 items you want to be sure to have in order before you leave on your amazing trip!

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Percy Fawcett, one of the world's most famous explorers, set out in 1925 to find the “Lost City of Z” and was never seen again.  80 years later, David Grann decided to find out the truth about Fawcett and Z, and he shares his incredible adventure with us today.

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Author David Grann joins us today to talk about some of his craziest adventures in search of the story; from being stuck in the middle of a hurricane at sea while searching for a Giant Squid to the beginnings of his pursuit of Percy Fawcett and the Lost City of Z.

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Now that he's proven he's not superhuman, Dave Cornthwaite tells us about his his epic Expedition 1000 project; what it is, which legs were the hardest, how he plans and packs for each, and what's next on his list.

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No matter how hard I try, I can't get these British adventurers to admit that they're superhuman, and Dave Cornthwaithe is no different.Today he convinces us that he's just a regular human by telling us about his journey from a couch potato to world class adventurer.

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Today we discuss a location near and dear to our hearts. Our home town, Philadelphia! From the best places to eat (and yes, the best cheesesteaks) to the greatest museums for those of you traveling with kids it's all here! Come visit us!

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Yesterday we gave our Top 8 books about travel, and today we're back with the other 13 books on our list. If you like to read, and love to travel, these are some books that should definitely make it to your bookshelf.

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While I'm not traveling (and even when I am) I like to spend my free time READING about travel. Because you really just can't get enough. Nick joins me today while we discuss the first part of our list of top 20 books on travel.

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Want to make money renting out your apartment or home while you travel, but don't know how you feel about it? Charlie Grosso joins us to talk about her experiences renting out her New York apartment while she travels the world.

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Charlie Grosso of CharlieGrosso.com joins me today to talk about running a brick and mortar business while still living a location independent lifestyle, the Mongol Rally and the idea of security while traveling and working for yourself. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.

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Heather joins me to discuss every travelers worst enemy. Jetlag. Our best tips on how to avoid it, 

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Last week we let the cat out of the bag and let you all know how uncool Jason and I really are. This week we cinch the deal and discuss our favorite "touristy" travel destinations around the world.

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What's so different about traveling as a couple? Well for one thing, spending all that time with just one person can lead to a lot of tension on the road. Especially long term. Married with Luggage founders join us today to talk about their best advice for couples on the road.

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Married with Luggage founders Warren and Betsy Talbot join us to talk about their journey to becoming location independent and the considerations when looking for a home base for your travels.

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Within 2 hours of landing in Italy, if it could go wrong, it did. And the worst part was, most of it could have been avoided! I guess not even us "pros" are exempt from the little travel mishaps.

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Today we discuss our best tips and tricks for sticking to some semblance of a workout routine & diet while traveling abroad.

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Jason and I throw away all preconceived notions of our coolness and tell you the top 14 touristy activities that we've engaged in on our travels.

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Fred Perotta, founder of Tortuga Backpacks joins me today to give out some seriously awesome tips on packing for your upcoming trips!

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Jason and I finish up our list of 21 ways to save money when looking for a place to stay while you travel.

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Today Jason joins me as we discuss the first 10 of our 21 ways to save accommodations master list. Timeless strategies that can help anyone find cheaper digs anywhere in the world!

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Ever wonderded what it's really like to be a location independant professional? Today Jason and I discuss the realities behind being a digital nomad.

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Today my good friend Nick Hersh joins us to talk about his experiences in the Foreign Service as a U.S. Diplomat and gives advice to those of us interested in pursing this avenue of working abroad.

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Today Heather and I talk about one of our favorite countries in the world, Portugal! Where to go, what to do, and the best places to eat and drink!

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Byron Go joins Trav to discuss why he stopped living "the Netflix life", his decision to trade in his apartment to live in a van, and why he's never been happier.

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Ever wondered how to use all those mile and points you've accumulated? Here's a great place to get started. Check out the awesome resources and join in the conversation over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/awardtickets.

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Which coast is the best coast?  Let the battle rage on as Heather and Trav go head to head in an attempt to determine which is better, the East Coast or the West Coast.

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In this episode, Trav brings his twin Gale back on the podcast to tell you the best things to do, see, and eat in Santiago and the surrounding area of Galicia (including where to find the best sangria)!


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In this episode, Trav brings on his twin sister (who just so happens to live in Santiago de Compostela) to discuss everything people should know about hiking The Camino, the world's most famous pilgrimage. 


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What's better than having all the conveinces of home while you're away? Getting them for free. Heather and I just finished a wonderful housesit in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado and we have some tips and tricks that'll help you get your first housesit that we're dying to share. If you want to see the show notes and join in the conversation please visit www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/HouseSittingFAQS

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Today Jason and I discuss our top 14 most beautiful places on earth. From places you can't even pronounce (don't worry, we can't either) to locations that might be just a drive away we travel the world with our choices. And after this episode you'll be yearning to travel too. Join in the conversation and tell us the most beautiful places you've been by going to www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/BeautifulSpots

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Everyone always thinks that travel is all beautiful vistas and delicious foods, but those of us that travel know the truth. Sometimes mishaps occur during our travels, even to those of us who do it all the time! Join Heather and I while we chat about some of our most serious travel mishaps and be sure to leave your own over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/mishaps.

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Today we have Rob from Making It Anywhere to chat about how he and Mish (his wife and business partner) started their journey to becoming digital nomads through Fiverr and Elance before slowly moving their way up the digital ladder to bigger projects and income streams. Be sure to listen in for great tips on where to start, how to get past the feeling of not having any skills, and creating your very own digital business. Join the conversation over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/Anywhereist.

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In this week's Destination Diary we tackle on of our favorite US Cities, Portland! From excellent beer to delicious coffee, the best ice cream in the world, and amazing food carts around every corner Portland is a dream come true. Join in the conversation and tell us about your favorite places in Portland by visitingwww.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/DesinationPortland

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Today we have the Planetwalker, John Francis, on the podcast to talk about his 22 year journey not riding in motorized vehicles, and 17 year vow of silence. With some hilarious stories, some heartfelt moments, and some wisdom along the way, we find that maybe crazy isn't as bad as people think. Join the conversation and help the Planetwalk cause by heading over to www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/planetwalker

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This week Jason and I get together to chat about our top 12 sporting events. We chat about Japanese baseball tournaments, WWE, skiing, caged fan sections at soccer games, the Kentucky Derby, and more!

Join in the conversation and tell us YOUR favorite sporting events over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/sports

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Trav and Heather reveal the 20 items they always bring with them on a flight to ensure that, no matter how long it is, it's as enjoyable as possible.

Remember folks:  An 8 hour flight without headphones = TORTURE!

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Today we have Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, on the podcast to talk about his best advice for entrepreneurs and travelers. We discuss what it takes to run such a large company and how it grew to become one, how travel changes you, and why group travel is really awesome. Join the conversation and see the show notes over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/GAdventuresPodcast

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This week's destination diary focuses on the state of Colorado. With Jason as our co-host and Colorado local we cover the best cities, how to visit all the national parks for cheap, great ski spots, delicious food, and of course, great beer. To join the conversation and for links & maps of all the places we discuss in this weeks episode join us over at : www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/destinationColorado

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Today I'm joined by Ethan Waldman of TheTinyHouse.net where he talks about his experiences building and living in a tiny house. We chat about what made him decide to build a tiny house, how much it cost him, and the great rewards of living small. For more information and links to resources on tiny houses please join the conversation over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/tinyhouse.

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What are the strangest foods you've had? Today Jason and I talk about our top 10 weirdest foods, ranging from Cambodia to Norway, Montenegro, Japan, and even my very own home! Join the conversation over at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/weirdestfoods and let us know the strangest thing you've ever eaten!

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This weeks Reader Questions focus around your top 5 credit card questions. Today Jason joins me as we delve in depth into these very commonly asked questions and unravel some of the mystery surrounding your credit score, what miles you should collect, and where to start in the travel hacking game.

To get links from this weeks episode and for more information on credit cards and travel hacking check out www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/CreditCardQuestions

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One of the most complicated aspects of planning a trip can be the process of getting a visa. From hard to understand terminology to demands that don't fit your schedule, researching visas is always stressful.

Today, visa experts Steve Gempler and Peter Gulas from AlliedPassport.com to clear up some of the mysteries surrounding passports and visas and answer all the most commonly asked questions.

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Croatia is a land of beautiful beaches, well preserved historical sites, and delicious fried calamari.

 In today's episode Heather and I take a look back at our 3 weeks in Eastern Europe, most noteably, the time they spent on the Dalmation Coast of Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik.

From walking the walls of a historical city to exploring abandoned resorts and delicious mini pizzas to giant meat platters, this episode is a great overview of the sights and tastes of Croatia. We'll share some of the best places we stayed, ate, and adventured and make you long for the clear waters and brilliant views that make up the Dalmation Coast.

To see some of our favorite restaurants and accomodations visit the blog page for this episode at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/destinationCroatia for links and more!

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A.J. Jacobs is a NY Times Bestseller, editor at Esquire, and a professional human guinea pig.

A.J. takes on these personal experiments in what he calls “extreme self improvement” and documents his struggles (and successes) in his books.

Keeping life fun and exciting through these personal challenges is exactly the reason that I wanted AJ to come on the show and share his experiences with us all.

AJ talks to us today about how he started on this journey to self-experiementation (hint: it involves the Academy Awards), how his family handles some of his more extreme projects, and his newest project that you can be a part of!

We're reminded that our changes don't all have to be huge, that viewing the world from another's point of view is always a good use of time, and the ideas are the lifeblood of entrepreneaurs.

Make sure to check out the site for A.J.'s next project : GlobalFamilyReunion.com so you can help him with his next project. You and A.J. are cousins after all, and family helps out family!

Check out more links & notes from the episode at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/aj-jacobs

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Jason and I get together this week to talk about one of our favorite subjects. Beer. We take the time to list out our 8 favorite breweries each (for a total of 16 awesome places to visit) and let you know just why each one made our list.

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Jason and I breakdown all the important factors in picking the right backpack, from getting the right size, figuring out your straps, and how to make sure you don't have to pull everything out each time you want to find a pair of socks. We also offer recommendations on which ones you should buy...and which ones you shouldn't.

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Sasha Martin discusses why she decided to dedicate over 3 years of her life to cooking a meal from every single country (all 195), reveals some of her favorite recipes, and lays down a challenge to all listeners, called #EPoPCooks. You won't want to miss this amazing story!

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India is an assault on the senses, a country of amazing colors, contrasts, and mostly, confusion. And a country that can't begin to understand until after you've been there, and one you won't fully understand afterwards. In today's episode,Heather and I  break down their three week adventure through India, telling you their favorite places they stayed, ate, and experiences they had. 

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Jacob Sokol from Sensophy joins Trav to discuss how one travel experience transformed him from living the fast life in NYC with the good job, great apartment, and even the motorcycle to someone who is now on a quest for deeper meaning and greater connections.


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From hair raising drives up the Italian coast to tackling some of the world’s most scenic roads, Heather and I reveal our 10 favorite road trips of all time.

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Can you fall in love with America? That’s the question that Kelly Will asked herself when she decided to embark on a year long quest to visit every all 50 states. She drove around the country staying in the homes of locals of each state that were somehow connected to her social circle. It's a touching story that drives Kelly to tears as she tells it, and had me crying as well.

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4 ½ years ago, Joel Runyon was in a rut. Now he runs ImpossibleHQ.com, a site focused around doing the impossible, both in the long term, and every single day. We talk about doing the impossible, the 777 project, cold shower therapy, renting your place on AirBnB, and how becoming rich in non-monetary currencies can help you travel more while spending less.

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Jason has built his career around one idea. Lifestyle buesiness. He's always known how he wanted to live, so he found careers and odd jobs that allowed him to do just that. Jason also travels, a lot, and gives some great advice on finding good deals on the road.

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After hearing Akshay Nanavati speak onstage at the World Domination Summit 2014 for just a couple of minutes, I knew I had to find a way to get him on the podcast. Akshay's quest is so amazing, that you'll just have to listen to find out what it is. Safe to say though, it's one of the craziest I've heard yet.

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Ever sat at your desk and wondered what adventure could be out there for you? Daydreaming about that “one big trip”? Leon McCarron did. He had a yearning to bicycle across The United States for as long as his savings could support him. No one wanted to go with him, so he did it alone. And he’s just released a book about it.

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While packing habits vary widely, there are some essential items that should go on every trip with you. This week, a very special guest joins us to tell you the 20 essentials you need to pack for traveling, no matter where you’re heading next.

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Today Michael Nyffeler joins us to give us 8 great tips for any travel photographer from newbie to amatuer to pofessional alike. He’ll also speak about his experiences as a freelance photographer, when the best times to take photos actually is, and share some of his expertise about camera equipment.

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What’s the biggest benefit of a location independent lifestyle? Freedom. Marcello Arrambide of WanderingTrader.com has worked hard to guarantee himself “complete freedom." Today he joins us to talk about what exactly day trading is (the short version, including a one minute break down of the stock market) and his travel adventures.

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Sailing was something that interested Bo, but he'd never done. So of course, he bought a sailboat and made it his goal to sail around the world.  I mean really, what else was there to do?

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Lauren McLeod knows, and her and her partner have assembled a team of flight experts at Flightfox to help others find the best (and cheapest) flights that fit their needs. Today Lauren joins us to talk about the inception of Flightfox, her original site Globetroopers, and to share the ups and downs of creating your own business on the road.

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Known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie has devoted the last four years to helping people create freedom in business and adventure in life. Today she joins us to speak about some of the business lessons she’s learned along the way, how to balance work & life while on the road and share some of her travel successes and mishaps.

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Imagine a world where adventure lurks around every corner, around every bend, and at the top of every hill. Alastair Humphreys lives in that world. And today, he’ll tell us how to join him there.

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Children are often seen as a detriment to a life of travel. With three girls under the age of five and many miles of travel under his belt, author and motivational speaker Grant Baldwin certainly disagrees with that! Today he joins us to share his tips on keeping business travel fun, balancing cost vs. comfort, and also how to travel with a family of five.

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Six years ago, Francis Tapon set out to pull back the curtain on Eastern Europe and entice travelers around the world to explore the “hidden” side of Europe. 25 countries later, he documented his experience in the amazing book, “The Hidden Europe.”

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Today, I bring Heather back on the show to discuss the top 10 accommodations we’ve ever stayed in, the top 10 food we’ve eaten, and the top 10 travel experiences we’ve had.

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Today, Matt, co-founder of The Flight Deal, comes on the podcast to talk about how you can score cheap airfare all around the world. So instead of paying full price next time you step on a plane, learn tricks from the pros and start immediately saving THOUSANDS of dollars on airfare so that you can travel more and spend less!

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Today, Gigi Griffiths shares with you some of her best tips on a host of different travel topics, including the practicalities of traveling with a pet (easier than you might think), how to start your freelance writing career, the truths about solo travel and the secret to finding cheaper accommodations anywhere you go.

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