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A.J. Jacobs is a NY Times Bestseller, editor at Esquire, and a professional human guinea pig.

A.J. takes on these personal experiments in what he calls “extreme self improvement” and documents his struggles (and successes) in his books.

Keeping life fun and exciting through these personal challenges is exactly the reason that I wanted AJ to come on the show and share his experiences with us all.

AJ talks to us today about how he started on this journey to self-experiementation (hint: it involves the Academy Awards), how his family handles some of his more extreme projects, and his newest project that you can be a part of!

We're reminded that our changes don't all have to be huge, that viewing the world from another's point of view is always a good use of time, and the ideas are the lifeblood of entrepreneaurs.

Make sure to check out the site for A.J.'s next project : GlobalFamilyReunion.com so you can help him with his next project. You and A.J. are cousins after all, and family helps out family!

Check out more links & notes from the episode at www.ExtraPackofPeanuts.com/aj-jacobs

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