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It should be no surprise that Heather and I loved New Orleans. Check out some of our recommendations on where to eat, what to do, and where to stay in the big easy!

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Heather and I have rented AirBnB properties all over the world, but now we've decided to flip the equation and rent out our own home on AirBnB.  We relay our experience as AirBnB hosts plus tell you how to price your property, create a good listing, and add the little touches so that you can successfully rent out your place (even if you don't live in a "hot" area) and make money while you travel.

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Heather and I are back from our amazing roadtrip, and today we're here to thank you guys for being so awesome, and talk about some of the places we visited along the way.

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Nashville has quickly climbed the charts to one of our favorite cities in the USA. Today we discuss our favorite places to eat, drink, and listen to live music (they have more than just country!) as well as some of our favorite activities and an awesome money saving tip if you're traveling by car!


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Jason joins me today to discuss our top cities around the USA. We'll do the first half of our favorite cities today on the EPoP Podcast, and you can check out part 2 over on Zero to Travel!

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Geneviève and Nicolas from The Great Anomaly join Heather and I today to talk about what it means to be couplepreneurs.

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Travis and Heather discuss why they have (almost) no plans for their upcoming roadtrip, how you can help pick where they go and what they do, what their essential items are, and why this is getting back to their travel roots.

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I recently returned from a trip to Israel and was blown away by how incredible it was. Today, guest favorite Napkins is back to interview me about my experiences in Israel, why I think it's the most fascinating country in the world and my unintentional digital sabbatical!

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Brian is biking Around America. Not across. The difference? About 9,000.00 miles. Tune in to listen to Brian as we run through the details of his trip, from planning, to the money he's raised for charity, to some of the awesome stats he's been keeping along the way.

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I recently had the good fortune to travel to Israel with Nir and Guy, the founders of Puzzle Israel. And had some of my favorite travel experiences. We chat about our trip and the creation of Puzzle Israel.

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