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I went to send this episode to someone, and realized it didn't exist! So here you have our recommendations for Asheville, NC. We liked it so much we visited twice last year!

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Whitney Powell travels the world filming and producing adventure travel videos. She joins me today to chat about how she decided to take the leap to working for herself and talks about some of her favorite projects to date!

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Travel pushes your comfort zone, and today Nate Menninger from The Pathfinder joins me to talk about his experiences stretching his limits and relying on the kindness of strangers.

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If you've listened before, you'll remember me not being a big fan of London, but I've changed my tune quite a bit! Heather and I recount our favorite areas, foods, and things to do from our last three trips to London!

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A collaboration with Jason and my other podcast, Location Indie. This week our 10 crazy awesome travel dreams that we hope to make reality!!

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Sarah Tiedemann, author of Traveling with Baggage: A Guide for the Hesitant Hiker, has dealt with anxiety her whole life. Today she joins me to chat about her experiences traveling with anxiety.

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When you go on holiday, you do the things you like to do. Turns out Bill Ker (Doc) really enjoys working out, so he started a tour company to do just that.

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More than the food, the drinks, or the location, the best thing about Barcelona was the lifestyle. But the food and drinks were also awesome!

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A stint in Dublin and a 6 day roadtrip around southwestern Ireland was enough for us to fall in love! Here's where we stayed, what we ate, and our favorite things to do on the Emerald Isle!

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Lots of people think once you have one kid you can't travel, let alone 4 kids and a dog! Paul Kortman joins me today to share his family's experience taking on Mexico in an RV.

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