Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast : Travel More, Spend Less (podcast)

Rerun: Travel meltdowns happen. Even to the best of us. Today Jason from Zero to Travel and Napkins (fan favorite!) share a couple of the meltdowns that happened on the road. Check out the Zero to Travel podcast to hear mine and Heathers!

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Budapest has made its way into our hearts, and our top cities list. Check out today's podcast for our favorite parts of this walkable eastern European city.

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Jessica and Will are on a mission to give their kids an epic childhood by living around the world. Listen to some of their hardcore travel adventures and the story behind WorldTowning.

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Some people (Heather) have a luxury travel streak in them. It's not always about saving the most money, as it is finding the best experience. Jetset Christina joins me today to talk about her luxury travel style, and how she's turned it into a full time job.

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Chris Cage used to be an accountant. Until he decided to take a huge hiking trip which lead him to create his own shelf stable food product for long, calorie dense, adventure travel.

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From the good, the bad, to the expensive we learned a lot on our first international trip with Whit. Learn from our mistakes, and commiserate with our experiences in Budapest and Spain!

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Getting to travel, live, and work anywhere is pretty sweet in it's own right, but after six years of being location independent, Heather and Trav have found 7 other benefits of location independence that are great - but often get overlooked.  What are they...and what do they have to do with a common hosehould appliance?  Listen to find out!
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A strange encounter on a flight, wisdom from Grandma, setting new habits, traveling the world, and more! Trav and Heath Armstrong jam in a wide-ranging conversation about the crazy behind-the-scenes of the Sweet Ass Journal and the Sweet Ass Domination Deck.

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Mike & Jess of VanThere.com join Trav to discuss the joys and challenges of living and working out of their custom-built van, with no permanent address anywhere!

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Being location independent has its perks. Heather and Trav discuss the top 16 cities of the world where they'd love to spend three months, and what they love most about each one.

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