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Every year, for the past six years, we've scoured the globe to find the most unique, most useful, and best gifts for travelers on the planet (tough life, I know). And in those past six years, our annual "best gifts for travelers" guide has become the #1 travel gift guide in the world!

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We've been spending more and more time in Austin lately so we thought it was time to share! With tons of activities, awesome places to eat and drink, and more tacos than you can even imagine. And you know we love tacos.

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Today the debate continues! Eastern or Western Europe? Which do you prefer?

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Our 2nd of 3 #throwdownshowdowns! Today? A question we get all the time. Should you go to Thailand or Bali?

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It's time for the #throwdownshowdown. Which is better? Portland Oregon or Vancouver British Columbia? It's time to find the answer.

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Denver is an awesome city. With the Crush Graffiti walls decorating so many streets and alleys, there's art no matter where you look. Add in some amazing food trucks, great breweries, and new friends, and it's a recipe for success.

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With Whit joining us on our travels we have QUITE a few more things to worry about luggage wise than before. Listen to our must-haves for any trip with an infant!

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It's been 4 years since we did our last edition of Best Breweries, and boy, have we added to the list! As research, we've visited over 140 breweries around the states. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

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Whether you like snow, or sunshine, we've got our take on some of the best winter destinations to visit this winter. There are too many good choices!

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On a spur of the moment decision, I purchased a 19ft van that had been converted to be lived in and took a road trip with EPoP favorite, #loveNapkins. Boy, do we have stories to share!

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Rerun: Inspired by our recent Travel Hacking Masterclass we wanted to go over some of the most common questions about Travel Hacking that we get here at Extra Pack of Peanuts.

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Rerun: Relationships on the road are entirely different. Facebook and Instagram only capture those amazing smiling moments, but the reality can be a little more varied. Today Jason interviews Heather and I as we talk about how we work things out on the road.

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Rerun: Travel meltdowns happen. Even to the best of us. Today Jason from Zero to Travel and Napkins (fan favorite!) share a couple of the meltdowns that happened on the road. Check out the Zero to Travel podcast to hear mine and Heathers!

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Budapest has made its way into our hearts, and our top cities list. Check out today's podcast for our favorite parts of this walkable eastern European city.

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Jessica and Will are on a mission to give their kids an epic childhood by living around the world. Listen to some of their hardcore travel adventures and the story behind WorldTowning.

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Some people (Heather) have a luxury travel streak in them. It's not always about saving the most money, as it is finding the best experience. Jetset Christina joins me today to talk about her luxury travel style, and how she's turned it into a full time job.

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Chris Cage used to be an accountant. Until he decided to take a huge hiking trip which lead him to create his own shelf stable food product for long, calorie dense, adventure travel.

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From the good, the bad, to the expensive we learned a lot on our first international trip with Whit. Learn from our mistakes, and commiserate with our experiences in Budapest and Spain!

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Getting to travel, live, and work anywhere is pretty sweet in it's own right, but after six years of being location independent, Heather and Trav have found 7 other benefits of location independence that are great - but often get overlooked.  What are they...and what do they have to do with a common hosehould appliance?  Listen to find out!
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In this special episode, Trav and Jason from Zero to Travel record live on location in Mallorca, Spain on the eve of their biggest launch ever.  They reveal how they are feeling just a few hours before the Paradise Pack goes live, talk about why they don't agree with the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and give you three ways you can go bigger than you ever thought possible.

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In today's show, Trav and Heather break down the 6 biggest stages of our location independent journey, from selling vacuum cleaners door to door and wise "no duh" words from a mentor to 30th birthday debacles and the moment Trav thought he finally made it - and why that shocked Heather.

If you're interested in becoming location independent yourself, don't miss out on the Paradise Pack, only available for 7 days a year.  www.theparadisepack.com

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A strange encounter on a flight, wisdom from Grandma, setting new habits, traveling the world, and more! Trav and Heath Armstrong jam in a wide-ranging conversation about the crazy behind-the-scenes of the Sweet Ass Journal and the Sweet Ass Domination Deck.

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Mike & Jess of VanThere.com join Trav to discuss the joys and challenges of living and working out of their custom-built van, with no permanent address anywhere!

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Being location independent has its perks. Heather and Trav discuss the top 16 cities of the world where they'd love to spend three months, and what they love most about each one.

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We just launched our new app, Jetto, which sends the world's cheapest flight deals directly to your phone.

In today's episode, learn just how long the app took to make (hint: a long time), where Trav first met Jetto's developer (hint: there was champagne involved), and how you can win a free flight to Dublin.


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While Rome and Venice may get all the publicity for things like culture and canals, Florence, with it's amazing food, gelato, and architecture, tops them all. 

When a city has Heather's favorite thing to eat (ever!), some of Trav's favorite gelato, and one of the most amazing pieces of art they've ever laid their eyes on...it's hard to go wrong!  So have a listen, and then start packing your bags, because Florence is one city you MUST go to.

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In this episode, Heather and I go through our list of top summer destinations around the globe.  From surprising to serene, vibrant to verdant, and interesting to impactful, there's a great destination for everyone.

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What's it like to live in another country, and then return to your home country? Is reverse culture shock a bad thing? Dive into a deep conversation with Trav & Jason!

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After spending over 3 weeks in Vancouver, Heather and Trav are well versed in the best things to do in this beautiful city.  Discover how many breweries Trav went to in 21 days (hint:  it's alot!), Heather's favorite pizza and coffee spots, and the activity that they both say you "can't miss" when visiting Van.

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For many people, travel writing is the dream lifestyle. In this episode, we'll hear from travel writer Gabi Logan about all the possibilities in travel writing and how to get paid to see the world!

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Learn the joys and challenges of traveling everywhere in the world as a family of five, with Ricky Shetty of DaddyBlogger.com.

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Michelle Jones, founder of The Wayfinding Academy, talks about the crazy process of starting her own college, who The Wayfinding Academy is for, and why she believes her model has worked so well so quickly.  

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Every year Heather and I list out our top destinations for the upcoming year. We tend to knock at least one of them off the list, so let's see where we might be traveling in 2018!

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2017 was quite a year, filled with some seriously awesome happenings. Listen as Heather and I go through our best travel experiences of the past year.

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2017 was the year we turned into beer snobs. Well, the year Travis did anyway. Listen to hear our best Beer experiences of 2017, Trav has quite a few!

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Everybody loves desserts, and we ate a LOT of them last year. One day I even had 4 different ice creams in the name of research! Check out our 16 best desserts from 2017!

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If we'd tried to fit the drinks in with the meals we never would have stopped talking! So in today's episode, the best wine (when Heather could drink it) and coffee from 2017.

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We eat a LOT when we travel, it's one of our favorite things to do. We've distilled all that eating down into the best meals of the year, enjoy!

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In this part of our Year in Review series, we hand out our superlatives for the best/worst flights, accommodations, and more. But you'll have to wait until next week for our best meals and drinks! There were too many to do in just one episode!

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In this episode we go in depth to figure out how many places we slept in 2017, how many miles we traveled, and how many new (and old) countries/states we visited this past year. Part 1 of 6 in our Year in Review series.

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