Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast : Travel More, Spend Less

Today, Heather and Trav discuss their tips and tricks for how to plan and organize a trip - from picking your destination to how they research "on the ground" and what locals are the best for authentic advice.

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We're back today to finish off our list of the top 14 travel experiences of 2014. From getting locked into a cage with a bunch of rabid sports fans to the beautiful lanterns of Yee Ping this year has been full of amazing experiences.

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In this episode, Trav and Heather countdown their travel experiences from 2014, including racing up waterfalls in Thailand and making homemade pizza in Italy.

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27 hours on planes is enough to drive anyone mad! Today Heather joins me to talk about our recent long haul flight experience and some of the steps we took to make our journey as comfortable as possible.

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In a digital age, we're sometimes a little too attached. Today we bring back friend and co-host Jason Moore who is just back from a one month digital sabbatical to share his experiences.

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In this episode of The Extra Pack of Podcast, Jason Lewis of Expedition360 joins me to talk about one of the most amazing feats in travel history, going around the entire world using just human power.

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In the inaugural episode, Trav discusses why he started Extra Pack of Peanuts, where the site name came from, and why he has decided to start a podcast.

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In this episode, Trav answers some of the most frequently asked questions about frequent flyer miles so that you can start understanding them, earning them and traveling for free.

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In this episode of the Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast, Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle joins me to discuss a variety of travel topics, including why he allows strangers to pick which country he will move to every 4 months, how being an idiot abroad is a positive thing, and why he currently has only 70 items to his name.

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