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After scouring the globe, we reveal our 44 favorite gifts for travelers. From less than $4 to over $1,000, here are the best gifts for any budget and style.

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Inspired by our recent Travel Hacking Masterclass we wanted to go over some of the most common questions about Travel Hacking that we get here at Extra Pack of Peanuts.

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You used to be able to travel for free if you gave up your luggage space for courier packages. Turns out that while you can't travel for free, you can make back some of your flight costs with a company called Airmule!

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Katrina McGhee took a 20-month career break and came back to land 5 jobs in 5 weeks. Learn what she did on her trip, and how she managed to spin it to land a job almost right upon re-entry!

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Finding cheap flights can be hard if you don't know where to look. Here's a step by step system to see if you've found a good price for your flight.

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Slovenia quickly stole my heart and the #1 Gelato spot, in the whole world! Have a listen as Heather and I detail our time in Slovenia. Where to eat, drink, and visit on your next trip.

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For people who are better planners than us (everyone) it's time to start thinking of those winter destinations if you haven't already! Heather and I list our favorites, and our wishlists as we move into the season.

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In this special 3 part collaboration, Trav & Jason go over the most beautiful places in the world, according to them!  On Zero to Travel you'll find 20-11, here you'll find 10-1, and on the Location Indie podcast we're doing a Top 16 Places We Want To Visit as a bonus episode!

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Get a behind the scenes look at Travis and Heather's "posh" babymoon and learn how much planning they did for the trip (hint: not much), how much they spent (hint: more than not much), and how much compromising they did (hint: much)

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We've spent a lot of time in Portland since we recorded our Destination Diary, so it's time for an Update! Complete with a local!

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